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Cleaning pistons assembly
Cleaning pistons assembly

We have many years of experience in the production of polyurethane seals for shut-off valves of main pipelines of various shapes and sizes., as well as experience in the production of polyurethane pistons and sleeves for cleaning equipment for pipelines. Sealing systems, cuffs and cleaning pistons made of polyurethane can completely replace rubber of various brands. The above elements have the following important properties:

  • Resistance to acids
  • Durability
  • Resistance to alkalis
  • Butter- and gasoline resistance – Water resistance (including Cineman)
  • Ability to work at high pressure (to 1200 atm.) in a wide range of temperatures (from -60 ° C to + 150 ° C)

It is also worth noting the following advantages of polyurethane cuffs: Eliminate leakage of liquid or gas through the seal
Endowed with good mechanical memory (restore shape, close to the original)
Used in engineering, because they work at high pressure (to 1000 atm.)
Our specialists will select the necessary material for each task, depending on the working environment (water, emulsion, butter, air, etc.), as well as the operating conditions of the seal (temperature, speed, etc.)

Cuffs for cleaning pistons are polyurethane
Cuffs for cleaning pistons

Polyurethane discs and cuffs are made for use on gas main cleaning pistons- and oil pipelines. Polyurethane discs and cuffs are made of special wear-resistant polyurethane, which provides cleaning pistons with large operating runs. Polyurethane discs and cuffs are made according to the Customer's drawings as a disc, and plate type. Diameters of polyurethane disks and cuffs - from 300 mm to 1440 mm.