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Polyurethane Technologies LLC is a manufacturer of polyurethane molded products. Applying 22 years of experience in the processing of polyurethane elastomers, we supply our customers with high quality products in accordance with their requirements and expectations.

We offer as standard, and specialized products in the hardness range from 55 to 95 from. Shora A made of polyurethanes based on MDI or TDI. We also manufacture linings for grain flow systems (tabs in grain streams, lining of knees, heads of norias).

Polyurethane Technologies can offer a wide range of products with guaranteed repeatability and the highest quality due to the ability to adjust the properties of the product by appropriate choice of raw materials, correct technology and use of specialized equipment.

Our partners – suppliers of raw materials are:

  • ERA Polymers (Australia)                                                         
  • COVESTRO AG (Germany)
  • DOW Chemical Company (Great Britain)
  • COM (Italy)

The main advantages of polyurethane elastomers:

  •  excellent resistance to abrasive abrasion
  •  high flexibility across the hardness range from 55 Shora A to 70 Shora D
  •  good resistance to deformation
  •  high resistance to tearing and cracking
  •  good resistance to dynamic loading
  •  good resistance to shock and vibration loads
  •  good resistance to all weather conditions
  •  resistance to oils, fats, solvents and a number of acids.